This Week Sept 7th – Sept 11th

WELCOME BACK, FAMILIES! We hope you had an enjoyable Summer!


Monday, SEPTEMBER 7th

  • Labour Day – NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 8th

  • 8:40 START –  First Day, Grade 2–5 students return to last year’s classrooms. Grade 1 (Last years K students) your classroom info will be posted outside the schools front door/ your k classroom window from last year. There will be much signage directing you so you don’t get lost :O)
    New Kindergarten families please follow the group schedule that was sent to you in July and again in late August.
    New students/families please report to the Library, which is just inside the front school doors to your right.
  • Grades 1–5 dismissed at 10:15

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 9th

  • FULL DAY 8:40am – 2:40pm

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 10th

  • FULL DAY 8:40am – 2:40pm

Friday, SEPTEMBER 11th

  • FULL DAY 8:40am – 2:40pm
    – Hopefully students will be in new classroom assignments today





Langley Meadows PAC is fundraising with Mabel’s Labels!
Please visit and search for Langley Meadows to place your order and to support our fundraiser.
Labels for the Stuff Kids Lose!


Comfort Kits

Each year we ask that parents create a “comfort kit” for each of their children that they will have at school in case of an emergency. This kit will be kept in a tupperware bucket in a storage room on the exterior of the school so that we can gain access to it if there is an emergency situation. You can use your child’s comfort kit from year to year just refresh the contents!

As we are storing almost 500 comfort kits we ask that you only put the following items into your child’s Ziplock bag. Please label the bag with your child’s first and last name and division.

Thermal Emergency Blanket (the tinfoil ones from the dollar store are perfect)
Four (4) compact and nutritious pre-packaged snacks (fruit bars, granola bars, etc.) with the expiry date to at least June 2016 (please do not include products that contain nuts or peanuts as some children are extremely allergic).
12 Hour Emergency Light Stick or small flashlight.
A rain poncho
Five Band-Aids
A soft touque
A pair of mittens
A pair of socks
Two (2) mini Kleenex pocket packs
a small toy
a reassuring letter/note from you
a family picture

Water is not necessary as the school has a supply of water for emergency purposes.



Mustang Moments June 25th


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